Our People

Our People

Our people

We are a caring and diverse group of experienced educators. Together, we create a happy and fun learning journey for every child. Our multicultural and inclusive community means that everyone feels a sense of belonging at our centre. We value working in partnership with you and we love to celebrate your child’s milestones with you. With our open-door policy, you can feel free to talk with us at any time.

Meet our Centre Manager

Carol Johnston

Years in childcare: 16 years

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? Working with and alongside children Is so rewarding, it gives me the opportunity to observe how they flourish in their development to become confident and independent learners It gives me great satisfaction to see how children have progressed, especially during “Milestone moments and its wonderful to celebrate their achievements bringing with it a profound sense of gratification that we can make a difference. 

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare? One of the funniest moments was during a visit from the Fire Department, the children were taken outside to have a look in the Fire Truck one of the children jumped up into the truck and refused to come back down.

The child was asked as few it was time to give another child a turn to which the child replied “don’t speak English" repeating the phase each time the Fire Officer asked him to come down.

After a few failed attempts I ask the child if he would like a lolly to which he replied “Yes Please Carol” realising he had spoken he put he hand over his mouth and looked at the Fire officer who by this time was doubled over laughing 

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? Our Centre provides a warm and safe environment were children are encouraged and provided with the necessary tools to reach their full potential, providing skills that will carry them through school and into adult hood. We pride ourselves on an amazing team of dedicated and passionate educators who go above and beyond daily to building relationships with our children, families and the community.